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How to Sidestep the Top 3 Author Mistakes and Get Your Book Done

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Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser trains entrepreneurs and leaders to write their transformational books.

She is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, coach and publisher.  Since 2004, she’s trained nearly 80,000 aspiring authors in 127 countries. Many clients have become bestsellers while others have signed publishing deals, speak on stages worldwide, and appear in major media outlets like CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, and TEDx. But what’s more important is who they become through Christine’s life-changing process. She delivers much more than a published book… she helps aspiring authors fully embody their authentic self and bring their brilliance to the world.

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What Industry Experts And Students Are Saying

“Publishing Deal and TEDx”

“Getting coached by Christine and using her proven process to write my book helped me secure a great publishing deal, get lots of media exposure including TEDx, and enjoy a booked-solid practice. I’m fulfilling my mission and helping mothers around the world improve their relationships with their teenage daughters. I even saw my book recently published in Chinese! I know none of this would have happened had it not been for working with Christine.”

Colleen O’Grady 
Author, Dial Down the Drama

“Pointed Me In The Right Direction”

“As a busy corporate consultant and Executive Coach working on an aggressive deadline to complete two pressing projects – writing my book and creating my workbook – I knew I needed a coach who could point me in the right direction and help me get it done. Christine was the coach who answered my prayers and worked with me through every twist and turn until we crossed the finish line. I’m so grateful to have found her, plan to use her and her team for my next book, and I know you will be too!”

Sue Salvemini
Author, Leadership by Choice Executive Coach (CPC, ELI-MP)
Founder & President, Focal Pointe Consulting Group, Inc. 

“Knows How To Make Writing A Book So Much Easier”

“I wish I had Christine as my transformational author coach when I first got started with my book. She knows how to make writing a book so much easier!”

Lisa Nichols
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Brings The Best Out Of You”

“Christine knows exactly the right questions to bring out the best in you and what you’re here to share. She’s up to great things, and if you have the chance to get coached by her to write your book, I highly recommend you do.”

Gay Hendricks, PhD
New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ideal Solution for Anyone Struggling to Write a Book”

“Since I first met Christine in 2002, I’ve come to know her as a sincere, dedicated, ethical and grounded woman. She truly cares about helping people unfurl their mission in the form of a book. Christine also has a keen eye for what works, and a true gift for helping authors bring their positive messages into the light. She’s guided many authors to successful publication – and I’ve even represented a few of them. I whole-heartedly endorse Christine. She’s an ideal solution for anyone struggling to write a book to further their mission. Trust the process, trust Christine, and be open to her skillful input.”

Wendy Keller 
Senior Literary Agent and Chief Talent Launcher, Keller Media

“Wise and Knowledgeable”

“I don’t know how she does it, but in less than an hour Christine helped me make sense of all the book ideas that had been rolling around in my head for years. She’s a wise and knowledgeable coach who I know has my back. Better yet she believes in my book as much as I do and is by my side to help me get it done. I highly recommend you work with her for your book too.”

Hon. Shelyna Brown
Superior Court Judge, CPC
Forthcoming Author, Preside Over Your Life

“Knew How to Get Me Where I Wanted to Go”

“Coaching with Christine is a gift that keeps on giving! I had already invested a lot of money with other coaches, but none of them were committed to my success like Christine is. I fired those coaches and started working with her because I knew she not only cared about me, but she also knew how to get me where I wanted to go. If you have the chance to work with her, go for it!”

Heather Bartos, MD
Forthcoming author, Mindshift Medicine

“Relentless Belief in Me”

“My life changed the moment I met Christine. I had been paralyzed with publishing my book. It literally sat in my hard drive for three years gathering cyber dust. Working with Christine changed everything. With her relentless belief in me, I knew I could finally get published! And now, not only is that first book published, but my second one is too! I’m so grateful I met her when I did!”

Dr. Niki Elliott
Author, The Intuitive Mother and I Feel Your Pain

“Sailed Through Finishing My Book”

“I was on the verge of throwing away my manuscript until I met you, Christine. Literally! I was discouraged and thought I’d never figure out how to write a truly great book. After following your system, I not only sailed through finishing that book, but I now have two books published with Hay House and I’m impacting lives around the world.”

Gerry Gavin
Messages from Margaret and If You Could Talk to an Angel

How to Sidestep the Top 3 Author Mistakes and Get Your Book Done